Citroën Centenary Events Schedule

For its centenary, Citroën will be celebrating internationally and throughout the year 2019…100 YEARS OF A BRAND ‘INSPIRED BY YOU’. Here is the schedule they have released to date:

  • RETROMOBILE 2019  (From 6 to 10 February, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles). Citroën is putting an exceptional package together with a special centenary stand (1,200 square meters) accommodating 30 iconic models around 3 hubs:
    • 10 production vehicles: Type A 10 HP, C3 5 HP, Traction Avant, Type H, 2 CV, DS 21 Pallas, Méhari, CX 25 Prestige, C6, New C5 Aircross SUV
    • 10 concept cars: C10, GS Camargue, Karin, Activa 1, Xanae, Osmose, C-Métisse, GTbyCitroën, Tubik, CXPERIENCE
    • 10 racing vehicles: Scarabée d’Or, Rosalie, DS 21 from the 1969 Rally of Morocco, SM from the 1971 Rally of Morocco, 2 CV Africa Raid, ZX Rally Raid, Xsara Kit Car, C4 WRC, C-Elysée WTCC, C3 WRC.
    • A special centenary collector’s catalogue telling the story of these 30 models will be published for this occasion.
  • CITROËN ‘ORIGINS’ RENT & SMILE (in April, in Paris)
    • Launched end 2016, Citroën Rent&Smile, the short-term rental service allowing you to rent a Citroën from Citroën, is also getting in tune with the centenary, by offering for rental, in addition to the models from the current range, historic Citroëns! This brand new initiative will be offered to customers in Paris throughout the month of April. The vehicle will be selected and reserved online via the website (, just as easily as for a current model. A unique opportunity for everyone to experience driving an old Citroën!
  • ‘FROM ONE GENERATION TO ANOTHER’ (from May, on social networks):
    • Because the history of a 100-year-old brand is not written without the unfailing support of its most loyal ambassadors, Citroën will be showcasing them with an original digital animation: ‘From One Generation to Another’. The principle? Families, businesses or dealerships from the whole world, loyal to Citroën for generations, will bear witness by video of their unique attachment to the Brand. Relayed on social networks, these films will highlight the passion aroused by Citroën in the four corners of the world.
  • ‘CITROËN STORIES’ (from July, on social networks):
    • On the occasion of an international road trip on board the New C5 Aircross SUV, a journalist sets off to meet those who are ‘Citroënistes’at heart and owners of iconic models. The chance for them to share their own history with the Brand and to tell the unique story of their Citroën. Each of the seven countries visited will therefore provide the opportunity for a video interview to be relayed on social networks.
  • ‘STREET BURST DAY’ (mid-June, in a secret place…):
    • With the first Citroën in history (the Type A) having been launched in Paris in June 1919, the Brand has chosen this month to organize an unprecedented anniversary event: ‘Street Burst Day’. A phonetic nod to the word ‘Birthday’, the initiative will be a world first since the Brand will cordon off a street during the night to park 100 Citroëns there, which will represent the 100 years of the Brand: models from collectors and from the Brand’s ‘Conservatoire’, but also concept cars… Into the bargain: a guaranteed surprise for passers-by, who will be able to enjoy this exceptional exhibition open to all. And for those who are unable to attend in person, the event will be relayed on social networks.
  •   ‘LE RASSEMBLEMENT DU SIÈCLE’ (from 19 to 21 July, in La Ferté-Vidame -Eure-et-Loir):
    • The key culmination of the centenary festivities on the initiative of the Brand’s collectors(Amicale Citroën & DS France) in partnership with l’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS,‘Le Rassemblement du Siècle’ is a gathering of collectors will take over the legendary test drive site of la Ferté-Vidame (historic secret site of the Brand where, in particular, the 2CV was developed). This international gathering promises to be historic in more ways than one with over 11,000 collectors coming together, almost 5,000 cars on display and up to 50,000 people expected at the site over the three days. An active supporter of the event, the Brandis also getting involved in the plans, in particular through a special exhibition. More information at:


Celebrating Citroën’s centenary also means celebrating 100 years of a brand which has constantly looked to the future of the motor industry, by offering innovative solutions in line with the needs of each era. This one-hundredth anniversary will also be the Brand’s opportunity to show its future vision by unveiling 2 brand new concepts:

  • CONCEPT #1 (February) Unveiled in February and on display for its world premiere in Geneva (March), this first concept will give Citroën’s vision in terms of urban mobility.
  • CONCEPT #2 (May) Unveiled in Paris for its world premiere in May, this concept will embody Citroën’s take on ultra-comfort.


Finally, celebrating Citroën’s centenary means celebrating more than a brand. It means showcasing a people’s icon, a symbol of boldness, creativity and the French way of life throughout the world, through its legendary cars, its unique communication and its sporting exploits. So many elements which for 100 years have shaped Citroën’s individual identity, which the Brand will magnify on the occasion of its centenary, with:

  • A NEW VERSION OF ITS BRAND CAMPAIGN (on TV since 30 December 2018)
    • After a first episode launched inMarch 2018, Citroën’s Brand campaign is given a new version on the occasion of the centenary. In it, we find the hitchhiker travelling through different eras in four new and original clips. In particular, characters are featured who are inseparable from the history of the Brand: the publicist Jacques Séguéla on board a DS and Sébastien Loeb on board his Xsara WRC. The long version of this new international film can be found at
    • The ‘Origins’ collector’s edition is a cross-range special series developed especially for the occasion of the Brand’s centenary and rolled out internationally. Available on Citroën C1, C3, C3 AircrossCompact SUV, New C4 Cactus, C4/Grand C4 SpaceTourer and C-Elysée, the ‘Origins’ collector’s edition stands out in particular through specific treatment of colours & materials, with bronze-coloured inserts, echoing the ‘Origins since 1919’badge which adorns the bodywork. All of the affected models are already available to order in France, with the exception of C1 and C3 Aircross which will be on sale from the 2ndquarter.
    • Launched in 2016, the Citroën Origins site ( is regularly expanded. Now rolled out in over 40 countries and in 23 languages, in 2019 the Brand’s virtual museum will welcome no fewer than 5 new models to discover in 3D and in sound, taking its collection to 79 vehicles. Spruced up in the colours of the centenary from January, the site will be a key meeting point to stay informed about the calendar of festivities. In addition, it will house original pop-up exhibitions and will relay the main events planned by the Brand for the centenary in photos and videos.
    • ‘Mummy, Daddy, Citroën’: here are the3 first words that André Citroën wanted children to say when, in the 1920s, he launched a range of Citroëntoys. An unprecedented initiative for the time, with one objective: making the name of his brand heard in households from the youngest of ages. With reference to this spirit, for its centenary the Brandis launching a new range of products which play on Citroën’s graphic codes from the 1920s: enamelled mugs, card and memory games, and even a 100% Citroën edition of the famous MONOPOLY! In addition, the Brand will be launching miniatures of old models never before offered for sale, as well as various collector’s kits combining cars from yesterday and today. Find all the Citroën LifeStyle products on the online store:
    • In the four corners of the world, the Citroën commercial dealer network will itself also sport the colours of the centenary, with layouts specially created for the occasion, both on the inside and the outside of showrooms. Signage, flags, banners, totems and also stickers will thereby take up the theme of the Citroën ‘Origins since 1919’ logo and its bronze-coloured outline. In this same spirit, an original ‘100 YEARS’ 3D sculpture has also been developed. The ambience created in the showrooms through these different elements will perfectly show off the ‘Origins’ collector’s edition models. New features which will stand alongside exhibitions of historic vehicles from the Brand, throughout the year.
    • From the very first crossing of the Sahara organized by André Citroën at the WRC World Rally Championship, Citroën has endlessly shown its taste for going one step beyond and adventure. In this way, Citroën Racing will showcase the Brand’s centenary through this light, via different initiatives: a new C3 WRC design in the colours of the centenary unveiled on 12 January at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, a mini-film retracing Citroën’s history in the competition unveiled at the Rétromobile show (February), a brand new season of the digital series ‘Little Big Racing’ in a ‘vintage’ version relayed on social networks, etc.
    • If Citroën has stood out for 100 years with its savoir-faire, the Brand has also been renowned in terms of informing people (‘faire-savoir’). While his competitors were doing ‘product advertising’, André Citroën was already well and truly generating ‘publicity’: illuminating the EiffelTower, treks in half-tracks, road signs, Citroëntoys… Any means were permissible to consolidate the reputation of his brand. This culture of bold communication would from then on remain anchored in the Brand’s DNA. A unique saga which the publicist Jacques Séguéla, the father of the Brand’s event-driven films in the 1980s (the ‘wild chevrons’, Visa GTi on the Clémenceau aircraft carrier, AX on the Great Wall of China, etc.) revisits in a collector’s book on the occasion of the centenary. Published in France in April, this richly illustrated and beautiful book will also be available in English and in Chinese.
    • The centenary will also be the chance for Citroën to give free rein to famous international photographers to magnify the Brand in 100 brand new shots. Taken in global capitals (Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, Buenos Aires, Tunis, Tokyo), these original art photographs will illustrate the Brand’s aura in the four corners of the world, by making the link between past, present and future. Relayed on Instagram and Facebook, the 100 photos will also be the subject of a free exhibition at la Monnaie de Paris (the Paris Mint, in the 6th district) in July and August 2019. In addition, they will be fully recreated in a special XXL edition of the famous magazine IDEAT.

Aside from these main events, Citroën will be celebrating its centenary through many other surprises throughout the year: specific commercial activities within its dealer network (after-sales, new and used vehicles), exclusive partnership actions, etc.

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