Citroën UK Eradicates the DS and SM From Its History on Website

Here’s sheer lunacy in action at Citroën;  In an effort to establish DS as it’s own brand the company has decided to disavow their role in the creation of the of the original DS and the SM.  And that decision is most assuredly going to destroy brand loyalty!   Click here and see how Citroën now presents its origins:

Citroen UK Origins webpage

This discovery was mentioned in an excellent editorial by Ian Seabrook published by Hubnut on July 26.   Read it in full here.  We couldn’t agree more!

Citroen Destroys Brand Loyalty






  1. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Seabrook, having grown up with and employed by Citroen the Citroen of today dictated by PSA makes me sick to my stomach. As far as I’m concerned Citroen no longer exists!
    Richard Bonfond

    1. Richard, I agree with the above statement.

      This latest about the branding etc, may as well be that all the Citroens , that were manufactured in the sixties and the seventies , of which the two, the original ID DS that had crowds of people on the first day, so many orders were placed, yet this thinking about going back to change even the SM , I mean , how does it work, especially going forward?

      I think that the Error 404 is just to say that this brand is no longer effective, its status may as well be something like “Prodigal, type 101”

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