Citroëns a salué à Columbus

In Columbus IN, in the Fall of each year, the city sets aside a weekend for Ethnic Expo, founded in 1984 as a celebration of their varied ethnic heritage as well as their current cosmopolitan population.

Here are some photos Citroënvie member Rod Radovanovic sent us of the event:

The 2018 date for Ethnic Expo was October 12 – 13. Last year the Ethnic Expo host was France and as they were looking to incorporate some French automotive culture, Rod managed to find himself and his 2CV in the October 13th parade down Washington Street with a following of can-can dancers! Behind them was a group of jolly Frenchmen with tri-color hats and behind them were many floats and various classic cars, fire engines, etc.

In the side street there was a French quarter with various activities through the weekend replete with a French food booth offering various French dishes; baguettes, croissants, cheeses, pastries and wine.  There were 2 dozen or so other food booths representing many other countries.

The event was well received as the large French company Faurecia (the 6th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world) has a plant and R&D center in Columbus. And in the nearby city of Seymour (20 miles south of Columbus) there is also a production facility of another large French automotive supply company, Valeo.

Rod’s 2CV wasn’t the only Citroën. Leading the parade was another Indiana Citroënvie member, James Heaney, in his DS21. Jim ended up in front because he couldn’t go as slow as the dancers were moving due to overheating at such slow speed. However, he did end up carrying the WWII veterans as the DS proved to be more comfortable for them than the 2CV.

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