Citroëns Complement Toronto Bastille Day Celebration

Citroëns played a key role in the Fédération Tricolore de Toronto Bastille Day celebration held at Toronto’s Wychwood Barns on July 14, 2018.   Bastille Day Committee Director Xavier Kleinermann contacted George Dyke at Citroën Autoclub Canada three weeks beforehand asking for a few Citroëns to be displayed at the event.  Three members, Douglas Ogle, James May and Mitch Markowitz were able to make their Citroëns available for the day.   

Two blue 2CV’s, belonging to Doug and James, were set up at the entrance and Mitch’s DS was placed near the food vendors very close to the entry of the indoor displays.  All cars got a lot of questions and comments which they answered.


Doug got a kick when an Armenian lady from Lebanon-France, asked to take a closer look at his 2CV.  One of her relatives with her actually worked at the Paris factory assembling the Deux Chevaux.  He had his picture taken standing behind the car with the hood open.  And she was pleased that Doug let her hop in the car get her photo taken behind the wheel.


Because Mitch was wearing one of his Citroën shirts, most people approached him speaking French thinking he was a brand ambassador for the brand.   Once they found out he only spoke English and was not a company rep, but had just returned from a trip to Europe having spent time in Paris, they very quickly decided to ‘settle’ for him being appreciative the DS was there and took a bunch of selfies and shots of the vehicle.

Two of the cars, Doug’s Blue 2CV and Mitch’s white DS, ended up being more than just show pieces.  Xavier came over and asked if they would consider going to the airport to pick up a French government dignitary.  He explained Christophe-Andre Frassa, a Senator in the French Parliament would be arriving at Toronto’s downtown Billy Bishop Airport.  Off they went,  both flying our French flags to celebrate the occasion, with an ex-Mums Champagne executive accompanying Mitch in the DS as he knew he would be able to recognize the Senator.  An assistant to the Mums exec rode with Doug in the 2CV.

When the Senator arrived they loaded his large bag into the 2CV along with the Mums chap and his assistant into the back seat of the DS and the Senator rode up front with Mitch.  The Senator loved the DS and remembered his uncle had one when he was a child.  Actually, that was a line heard that a lot through the day.  The cars stirred lots of fond

  French Senator Christophe-Andre Frassa and Mitch Markowitz 

  a shot of two French military representatives
Mitch corralled for a photo op.


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