Citroën’s XM — Still Distinctive 35 Years On…

As we celebrate the XM’s 35th anniversary, we have long had a soft spot for Citroën’s iconic model in North America, ever since the late Fred Kossecki, who was a member of Citroën Autoclub Canada, managed to bring a brand new one into Canada in 1990. Fred drove it to Rendezvous for many years and always impressed attendees with the XM’s sophistication and style. (Read about how Fred managed to acquire his XM here.)

There were just over a dozen XMs imported into the USA through New Jersey based CXA, but overall cost (comparable in price to a Mercedes S-Class) and Citroën frowning upon the venture, soon marked the end of CXA. You can read a synopsis of the XM’s history here.

For movie buffs, one of the greatest chase scenes of all time is in the film Ronin, where an XM battles an Audi S8 on twisty roads north of Nice and then through the city itself. View that clip here.

The XM showcased the pinnacle of automotive innovation and comfort in the 1990s, continuing from the CX to demonstrate Citroën’s bold approach to design and technology. It continues to fascinate car enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.

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  1. It is a beautiful car and I especially enjoy the cut-away illustration of the insides showing the familiar Citroen suspension spheres. The XM has some conservative lines that are reminiscent of Peugeot styling, but it still looks very modern. I wish that such cars were available in the U.S. and not so rare and exotic.

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