Classic & Sports Cars List 3 Nearly Extinct Citroëns in the UK

An online article from Classic & Sports Cars lists, “Best-selling classics that are now nearly extinct.” You click through a series of photos with a paragraph or so for each.  The first entry after the intro (so, page 2) is the 2CV.


There are other Citroens on the list; photo # 9 is the BX and photo #14 is the CX.


They report that only 3053 2CVs, 311 BXs and 157 CXs remain registered on UK roads today.

Here’s the link to the start of the article:  

Want even more rarity? Try finding a GS or an Ami 6!

Ami 6

The point of the Classic & Sports Cars article? Time to buy if you are looking for one of these classics and can still find a decent one!

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