Coming to a Campground Near You?

We hope you can see the humor in this HY camper van.  Goodness sakes, it’s really decked out – literally! 


Quite the hybrid of campers isn’t it?  Erik deWidt discovered it in The Netherlands and it’s on the way to the Port of Baltimore.  He plans to offer it for sale. 

This 1972 HY factory LWB example was originally used for furniture delivery.  It’s since been converted (by a factory-trained Citroën mechanic) into this two-tier roof camper with attention to detail and comfort in mind.  Mechanical modifications include a bigger radiator, alternator and dual-batteries.  Erik says it has been all over Europe.

Numerous creature comforts have been incorporated.  Along with carpet and different seats, there’s also a tray-table fitted to the engine doghouse.  It looks like a number of extra gauges and ports have been fitted along with a stereo.

Judging by the interior photos of the rear, you’d need to be on the rather thin side to fit through the opening to upper bedroom area. 


And we’re betting it will be challenge to keep on the road on windy days.  Might be worth the effort though because you’d no doubt be the hit of the campground every night!  


If you’d like to see detailed shots of this behemoth, they’re here:

Update as of Dec 15, 2017:  It is now listed for sale in Hemmings for $30K US.

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