Connoisseur Citroëns at l’Aventure Peugeot-Citroen-DS Auction

Some very interesting Citroëns (and Peugeots) are on the block at the Aguttes auction at l’Aventure Peugeot-Citroen-DS in Sochaux, France on Oct. 23.

For example:

This rare 1973 GS Birotor — most of which were recalled and destroyed by Citroën when the rotary program was cancelled following Citroën’s acquisition by Peugeot. Only about fifty units survived. This GS Birotor was bought in 1977 directly from the factory by a Citroën agent; it was repainted in its original colour in the late 1970s. Less than 22,200 original km, perfect working order, almost no default on the technical inspection! Probably the 12th example of the 846 GS Birotor versions.

1939 – Traction Avant 11 B Cabriolet Clabot

Very rare 11 B large body convertible, only around 450 Traction Roadsters are known to exist today. This one has a rare body kit with Clabot parts. It has been in the same family ownership since 1976. Good overall condition. Peugeot-Citroën has confirmed the authenticity of the chassis and body numbers: body EL 2269 – factory number 822.

1958 DS 19 — a very rare DS 19 from the first years with a clear history.
Ordered new in the Paris region, black colour, black roof, rust-coloured jersey interior and featuring matching orange rims, Philips radio accessories and Robri boot handle.
Third hand since its registration in May 1958. Sold in 1993 to its second owner, also in the Paris region, with 85,000 km on the odometer while keeping its 1958 registration! It was repainted in Daffodil Yellow, in accordance with the colour chart of the time.
The rust-coloured upholstery, redone by Savaton, also honours the original codes.
Still equipped with its original engine, the car has been conscientiously maintained at the Garage Daunat Classique but also at the Atelier Bernasse (89).
A recent invoice for €2,526 mentions the replacement of the front and rear spheres, the restoration of the indicators, the replacement of the fuel gauge, the draining of all fluids and the replacement of the filters, the adjustment of the clutch and carburetion, the ignition and finally the replacement of the four tires.
Shortly before its purchase by the current owner from Aguttes in November 2019, the hydraulic system had been converted to silicone fluid at Blondeau, a recognized Citroën specialist. The whole system is perfectly functional and ensures that the car behaves impeccably.

1971 – DS 21 rare Administration version, owned by the Archbishopric of Luxembourg until 2019
Concours and total restoration in its original configuration, with matching numbers.
Uniformly black bodywork (ref. AC 200). Smooth quarter panels painted in black as the central pillar, grey interior.
Exceptional cosmetic and mechanical condition, to factory standards, odometer reset to 0 during restoration (less than 400 km since); and just over 93,000 km before restoration

1990 2CV Charleston — one of the very last 2 CV Charlestons. Red Delage (AC446) and black (AC200) paint. Only 14,106 km on the odometer!
As new, the car has retained all its factory markings and stickers, as in the original.
Mechanically, the car is in perfect working order, even the tires are original, which further attests to the low mileage of this vehicle.
Its one and only owner, a well-known architect living in Maastricht, had to use a subterfuge to acquire the much desired vehicle. The Citroën dealer Geebelen in Maasmechelen, Belgium, did not want to sell his last new 2CV in the Netherlands! He decided to call on a friend in Lanaken (Belgium) to buy his 2CV before he could import it into Holland. According to the original invoice, dated 25 August 1990, the selling price at that time was 224,000 Belgian francs.
This 2CV Charleston became part of a fine collection alongside – among others – a 2CV Sahara and a second 2CV that was never used. In 1998 it had only 113 km on the clock, as documented from the Dutch history file “Nationale Autopass”.

Here is a link to full auction site with many other Citroëns:

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