Cool SM t-shirt available from “Soup Nazi” company

Remember the Seinfeld TV series episode called The Soup Nazi where there was a restaurant in NYC and the owner would only serve you his soup if he deemed you deserved it?  Well , the guys at blipshift operate in a somewhat similar ‘limited’ fashion.

Also based in NY, they claim to sell the freshest and awesomest t-shirts, posters, and accessories for automotive enthusiasts.  Only one shirt design is featured and sold at a time for just $15 US, with 5 or more for sale every week.  Once one is done, they are off to the next one. “We have short attention spans” they say.

The artist guy behind this SM design is Dino Pros.  As a fresh graduate in mechanical engineering, it was only logical for Dino to pursue a career in… graphic design.  Currently working as a freelance designer and content writer for a Croatian automotive website, Dino is happiest when given the opportunity to combine his love for design and for cars.  Every penny goes into a piggy bank for buying his BMW E46 M3 dream car.

Dino created this really nice SM logo’d T shirt and has it on limited offer.  Limited you say”   Yep, this from the blipshift website; “Anytime we do a production run of shirts we print the number ordered plus a handful of extras because nice round numbers don’t hurt our heads. If you want to own a design you should order it during the sales period! AFTER the already purchased shirts have been shipped, any extras are put into the Garage. Quantity is extremely limited, and we won’t have all designs or sizes, so no whining. To see if your size is available just look for any design with the green light to see what extras are available.”

At the moment the SM shirt appears to be in stock and available in all sizes.  If you’d like one, here’s the link:

And here’s wishing you good luck in getting your order! 

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