We are happy to discover that there is dedication in Japan for classic Citroën ownership and in particular one fellow who has taken loving care of his CX for almost 20 years!

The Citroën Club of Japan was founded in 1965 and currently has about 160 members. They publish two newsletters and hold at least three events every year. Among it’s most senior members is Zenji Nagano, a true Citroën enthusiast and the owner of a 1987 CX25GTi that he bought through an auction 18 years ago. It has traveled 220,000 kilometers and thanks to Mr. Nagano’s efforts, it is still going strong.

Before owing his CX, Mr. Nagano owned many Citroëns, including a BX19TZI, BX19TRI, and prior the the BXs, an AX.

Zenji Nagano displaying his enthusiasm for Citroën.

His interest in Citroën can be traced back to his grandfather who was greatly moved by riding in a DS taxi when he went to France for business. Since then, his grandfather has owned a GSA, and then bought three BXs; BX19TRS, 19TRI, and a 19TZI.

Mr. Nagano’s sister is the owner of Xantia, a C4 and a C5 Tourer, proving conclusively that the whole family has a passion for Citroën!

Further photos and an article (in Chinese) by Top Gear (Hong Kong) profiling Mr. Nagano can be viewed here:


Note: Top Gear got a few things wrong about Mr. Nagano’s CX in the article. One example: the close-up photo of wheel where they state: “The matte parts have a gray coating, and the shiny parts are chrome plated.”. While the lug nuts look to have been chrome plated, the silver sections are the exposed brushed aluminum sections of the rim.

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