The idea of touring a beautiful city in 2CV has been possible as a Parisian adventure for the past 10 years. Now, a means of seeing the capital of Vietnam with charming French mobility is available for those visiting Saigon. With average temperatures between 27 and 30 degrees Celcius (81 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit) and 72% average humidity, Saigon can be a rather sticky place, but perfect for an enterprise called Saigon 2CV-Tour who put tourists in “ducks” in the mornings and evenings to scoot about the city seeing its landmarks and French influence that abounds.

For those wanting a Citroën more unusual than a 2CV, Saigon 2CV-Tour offers a La Dalat. Haven’t heard of that one before? That’s because this model was specific to Vietnam.

Somewhat similar to a Méhari, but with a steel panelled body dropped onto a 2CV, La Dalat was designed by the French director of Citroën Saigon between 1970 and 1975. It was inspired by the “Baby Brousse” car which was built in 1963 in Ivory Coast and the Méhari which appeared in 1968.

Following the success of 2CV Truckettes that were imported into Vietnam, La Dalat was officially introduced in November 1969. It was first manufactured in the workshops of CARIC (Chantiers et Ateliers Réunis d’Indochine) and was then produced by SAEO (Société Automobile d’Extrême-Orient), the Vietnamese subsidiary of Citroën which became in 1970, “Xe Hoi Citroën Cong Ty”).  With 2CV parts such as the engine, the steering assembly, brakes and suspension imported from France, the rest was made locally and as such La Dalat has the distinction of being the first car ever assembled and produced in Vietnam.

Several types of La Dalat were produced in both 4 seat and 2 seat versions. Some were used as ambulances, taxi-buses, and police cars. The model was a great success targeting the mid-class as a convenient, economical and easy to customize vehicle. Production totalled 5,000 and continued until the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Today you can still see La Dalat on the streets of Saigon, mostly driven by foreign residents.

Saigon 2CV-Tour offers 3 different packages to explore the city with Citroën flare. You can choose from:

Saigon Morning Discovery Tour. Price per person:
• Adults:                              1.200.000 vnd – (about $48 US)
• Children (5-11 yo):           900.000 vnd – (about $36 US)
• Children (under 5):          200.000 vnd – (about $8 US)

Saigon Evening Food Tour. Price per person:
• Adults:                               1.400.000 vnd – (about $56 US)
• Children (5-11 y-o):          1.000.000 vnd – (about $40 US)
• Children (under 5):           200.000 vnd – (about $8 US)

Sunset cruise and 2CV Tour. Price per person:
• Adults (above 13 yo)            2.899.000 vnd – (about $116 US)
• Children (from 4 to 12 yo):  2.099.000 vnd – (about $84 US)

More information and the means to book a Saigon 2CV tour can be found here:

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