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Please note that the information listed here is based on the best available sources at the time of posting.  Things change and events can be cancelled.  Double-check before you head out.  Don’t blame us if you arrive to an empty field with chirping crickets.

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If you know that something is incorrect, let us know so other enthusiasts won’t waste their time and gas. Send us an email.


Our CITROËNVIE 2018 printed Calendar is now available.

If you’d like to purchase a calendar, you can do so here: (Price = $15 US + $4 US shipping & handling)


CITROËNVIE  E-CALENDARS (mobile versions designed for smartphones and tablets):

Click on the the following links to access our CITROËNVIE Calendar that you can feed into your calendar app.  There are 4 regions of e-calendars available so you can choose to sync to one, two or all three depending on what events you want see.  (Note that they display event names and dates only and do not show the photos and icons that folks love about our pdf calendar.)

Apple iOS format – iCloud (click & directly import into Calendar):


To add a calendar to Google Calendar, follow these steps:

1)  Select the calendar URL(s) listed below that you would like to view.

Canada Events Calendar (copy & paste):

USA Events Calendar (copy & paste):

Europe Events Calendar (copy & paste):

2CV Club of Quebec Province (copy & paste):

(Note:  Not following this procedure and trying to paste the iCloud URL into Google Calendar directly, you will probably see this error: “Could not fetch the URL because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the URL.”)

2)  Open the main Google Calendar window in a browser.
3)  Click the down-arrow next to Other Calendars
4)  Select Add by URL from the drop down menu
5)  Enter in 1 of the 4 URL calendar addresses listed in step#1 into the field provided.  (Repeat the process entering them one at a time depending on which ones you would like to display.)
6)  Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.
7)  Click in the down arrow next to the new calendar that was added.  In the pop-up menu select Calendar Settings.
8)  Rename the new calender (which should now display the long URL you copied) to a short display name you will understand.  (For example: USA Citroen Events Calendar.)   Scroll to the bottom and select Save Changes.

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