On April 14, Citroën owners in Florida gathered in Longwood as part of a larger classic car show with over 200 enthusiasts.  In attendance was 1 CX Prestige, 2 Traction Avants, 3 2CVs and 1 original Burton.  The weather was good and according to Willem van de Wouw and his friend Mike, the event organizers, the wine also. 


Those who attended signed a card of best wishes for Andre Garnier who used to organize the Florida meet but is getting on years and now unable to attend.  Andre plans to sell his 1956 Traction Avant.

It would seem that those in Florida who did show up with their Citroëns are also looking to get out of ownership.  On the quiet 4-sale there were; the original Burton, the Red and Black Traction Avant and the white and blue 2CV.

Willem and Mike hope to stage another Citroën event in Florida in October.  Stay tuned for details on that if there are any Citroëns left!