Gary Magwood talks about seeing America Traction style.

A local TV channel in Belleville Ontario showed a video featuring Citroënvie member Gary Magwood who gives a heartfelt explanation of why he holds the Traction Avant so dear.  His comment about seeing America by back roads rather than Interstates really resonates with us. 

Gary’s experience with racing and servicing cars goes back more than 50 years.  Hdevelopeded a fascination for Citroëns early on and has owned many over the years.  He chose his latest Traction after selling his sailboat and wanting tour around the USA and Canada.  We hope you find the following clip an inspiration to do so.  

One historical correction to what is stated in the piece; The Traction Avant was introduced in 1934, not 1938.  All the more reason they are remarkable in comparison to today’s cars.   

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