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As we all know, getting lug nuts loosened from rims that have been on Citroëns for decades can be a back-breaking or worse, sometimes a stud-breaking experience!  Here’s a handy tip for removing rusty lug nuts.  All you need is a candle and a lighter.  View the video here.


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  1. Not sure about burnt fingers and being in California with so many non-smokers it is hard to find matches or a lighter.

    My technique was developed in the middle of winter on a country road in upstate Washington on a VW bus driven by a couple of cute women. Their flat happened near a cottage where a party was going on so there were a bunch of guys some of whom were anxious to be the hero. There was a cross style lug wrench and a couple of guys tried but nothing budged. Then a big guy tried and bent the damn wrench as he was pulling and pushing on the arms. I asked if anyone had a hammer and when one appeared I put my butt against the van, applied pressure to the slightly bent arms and had someone pound on the part of the wrench that was sticking out. Turned it all into an impact driver and the lugs all came out. As memory serves (could be wrong) these were bolts, not lugs with nuts, in which case it would be hard or impossible to get the wax to wick into the threads. Also, wonder if is the wax wicking or just the heat disturbing the bond that loosens them in the video.


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