Hemmings Compares the Oldmobile Toronado to the Citroën SM

It’s an oldie but a goodie… Back in 2016, Hemmings did a comparison of the Citroën SM and the Oldmobile Toronado — two very different front wheel drive approaches blending both luxury and sport. A contrast for sure, but an interesting comparison nonetheless.

The author, Jeff Koch, had the presence of mind to contact two prominent owners of each;

For the SM, he reached out to John Titus in Phoenix, Arizona. As anyone familiar with the SM is aware, John is an expert on them and has developed a number of notable improvements, such as more efficient starter motor, modern distributor, and turning headlight mechanism, to name but a few that he offers and have been fitted on many SMs.

John Titus

Jim Schultz of Chino Valley, Arizona, has several Toronados, including one example of each year from 1966-’71, among the three dozen Oldsmobiles in his collection. And he even has a Toronado-powered 1976 GMC 26-foot motor home.

Jim Schultz

Commencing with a well written overview, then featuring driving impressions from both Jim and John, it’s a nice write-up and great insight into these forward thinking front wheel drive accomplishments . You can read the article here:


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