Note:  The car has now been sold in Europe for 20,000 euros.

This Mimosa Yellow 2CV (like the one used in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only), is offered for sale in the UK.  While the price is £14,999 and it doesn’t have the mods (like a GS engine) installed for Roger Moore to jump over a Peugeot in the film’s famous chase scene, restoration has been done keeping in mind that normal 2CVs are rust prone and this one should last forever!  Why?  This 2CV has a galvanized chassis and more importantly a galvanized body.  (Galvanizing is rust-proofing process to the metal itself achieved by dipping the parts into molten zinc at 450 degrees Celsius.)

Galvanized 2CV - 007_6

Front fenders, doors and the hood are all galvanized metal, and the car has fiberglass rear wings and trunk lid!  It has been fully resprayed to it’s original colour with a stainless steel vent flap and stainless steel exhaust including a fully rebuild engine.

Galvanized 2CV - 007_7

Hmmm, they don’t mention galvanized the bumpers…  OK, so even bumpers will rust, you have to admit it’s an impressive rust prevention effort.

A brand new wiring harness has been fitted, as has a new battery, new wheels and tires all around.  Even the ‘correct’ square headlights have been re-silvered.

Galvanized 2CV - 007_4

There is a short video about car here:

The ad listing on Classic Cars for Sale can be seen here.

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