Incroyable! 1974 2CV Charleston sells for $50K US

Here’s a reason to keep your 2CV in pristine shape…  At the RM Sothebys’ auction on January 28-29 in Scottsdale Arizona this 1974 Citroën 2CV6 sold for a whopping $49,500 US.  And this isn’t a socked away “zero mileage original”, but rather a restored 2CV.   Granted the restoration was done to a very high standard by Axel Kaliske of 2CVs R Us in Seattle, Washington, and it was to the rarest of Charleston color schemes, Yellow on black, but even so – $50K?  That’s a pretty hefty premium considering one can put a 2CV on the road today restored to “brand new” condition with the rolling chassis that Burton offers, new body shell and completely new interior for under $35K.  Ah! – but buyers at auctions like RM Sothebys are not plugged into the 2CV world.  They see a cute little 2CV and their wallets open.  

The vehicle’s marketing for the auction no doubt helped.  Offered from the Craig McCaw Collection, the listing touted the owner’s dedication to quality; and that only best example available was acceptable.  And then 24 nicely photographed images were included.  The listing eluded to the odometer showing only 406 kilometers at the time of cataloguing.  But being that the car was restored, it was not the original mileage!

One other reason for the high price it commanded may have the addendum disclosure that some of the proceeds from the sale of the Craig McCaw Collection would benefit Stanford, the Revs Program at the University, and other charities including The Nature Conservancy.   We suspect these were factors in creating record breaking price.

In any event, for the rest of us 2CV owners, even if nice 2CVs are really worth just haft that, it helps to know that our efforts to keep them on the road is money well spent in preserving their value.

RM Sothebys’ photo listing of 1974 2CV6, Chassis no. AZA9103167, Engine no. 1GW02016660:

$30K 1974 2CV6_01  $30K 1974 2CV6_02  $30K 1974 2CV6_03  $30K 1974 2CV6_04  $30K 1974 2CV6_05  $30K 1974 2CV6_06  $30K 1974 2CV6_07  $30K 1974 2CV6_08 $30K 1974 2CV6_09  $30K 1974 2CV6_10  $30K 1974 2CV6_11  $30K 1974 2CV6_12  $30K 1974 2CV6_13  $30K 1974 2CV6_14  $30K 1974 2CV6_15  $30K 1974 2CV6_16  $30K 1974 2CV6_17  $30K 1974 2CV6_18  $30K 1974 2CV6_19  $30K 1974 2CV6_20  $30K 1974 2CV6_21  $30K 1974 2CV6_22  $30K 1974 2CV6_23  

Original auction listing at:


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  1. ? would be far more cheaper to build one from all the new parts still available, few that have been done this way are on the road, if you are looking to just have a 2CV, registered as a Type 101 kit car configuration, this is all within the law.

    In fact this is how all the kit cars start off , latter they become a part of the real deal. Look at the 2CVs that were brand new back in the 1990, but sold as an earlier model for the eye of the law.

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