Innovative Koren Design Study for a Citroën Sport SUV

Check out Ecostealth – an advanced Citroën themed sport SUV design study, inspired by stealth technology, from Juneyoung Bae of Seoul, South Korea.

What’s fascinating is that the product designer published it back in November 2016 — 3 years prior to the outlandish 19_19 Concept that Citroën showcased for its Centenary celebrations. Yet it looks like a more refined evolutionary “nearing production” model of the car.

2016 Ecostealth
19_19 Concept

Just as Citroën has pioneered over the years, Juneyoung took very innovate measures introducing features such as:

  • The roof itself being an aerodynamic element
  • Rear lights that change colour from running lights that are red, to purple when the brakes are applied
  • Extendable taillamps that deploy at high speed and act as an air diffuser
  • Wheel rims with a “propeller” design that vent hot air from braking.

All this in a very clever design that is advanced, distinctive and looks like it could have come from Citroën’s Bureau d’Etudes in the guise of a contemporary Flaminio Bertoni sculpting its design.

Hat’s off to Juneyoung! Hyundai should hire him to design their future concept vehicles, since they so often seem to be ‘inspired by Citroën’.

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