Citroën Documents available from the Conservatoire

Conservatoire Citroën (the private museum of Citroën in Paris) has created a new stream of revenue by offering document compilations of historic vehicles. For 30 € you can receive a dossier containing more than one hundred pages from the Citroën product archives, selected from:

  • Copies of sales brochures, price lists and advertising
  • Notices from the Dept. of Mines, Application notes and articles from internal Citroën publications

As of today, they are available for: the C3 5HP, the Type A, the B2, B10 and B12, the
2 CV 4×4 Sahara, the C4 (of the 1920′s), the C6 (of the 1920′s), the C4 and C6 trucks, the Rosalie 8 cv, 10 cv and 15 cv , the Citroën Cruises and the Kégresse.

Also, for any Citroën vehicles manufactured in France between 1919 and 1990, Citroën will put together for you an attractive “Coffret Légende” in Citroën colours that contains personalized documentation on your vehicle. The cost is 100 €. Each Coffret contains:

  • Certificate of date of manufacture
  • A scanned copy of the Certificate of Conformity
  • A file of documentation relating to your model of the vehicle
  • A photo CD of the model
  • A diploma recognizing you as a Citroën Collector
  • A book about the Citroën Conservatoire

You can also order an optional DVD on the history of Citroën for an additional 15 €.

View their Catalogue of Documentation Products and Services here:

Download their Vehicle Identification form here:

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