Citroën News from 2011 Geneva Auto Show

C6 Noir et Blanc
The Citroën C6 Noir et Blanc, featuring a blacked-out pillar trim was shown at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

The C6 is reportedly being dropped at the end of 2012 ceding its large sedan offering to Citroën’s Metropolis, (most likely to be called the C9 in markets other than China). Sort of a shame really because its styling is very pure and in our opinion more timeless than Citroën’s new generation models. The new roof treatment improves its looks especially in light colours like white.

From China to Geneva, Citroën showed off its Metropolis at the 2011 edition of the Geneva Auto Show. Originally introduced at the Shanghai World’s Fair last year, it was created by Citroën’s international design team based in Shanghai since 2008.

Citroën says in its press release that it is “committed to developing innovative prestige vehicles for Europe and China, a country that is now Citroën’s second-biggest market by volume.”

The Metropolis is powered by a hybrid powertrain that combines a 276 hp, 2.0-liter V6 petrol unit with an electric motor developing a continuous 40 kW and peaking at 70 kW.

“At steady speeds on main roads and motorways, the petrol powerplant provides 272bhp (200kW) and 375Nm of torque. When additional performance is required, such as during overtaking, the car uses both the electric motor and the combustion engine to deliver a maximum power output of 460bhp (345kW) and 430Nm of torque – equivalent to a 4-litre V8 petrol engine.”

There’s also an auto-engaging four-wheel drive mode for when extra grip is needed. And Citroën has fitted the vehicle with its Hydractive suspension.

We think that visually Metropolis is too fussy. It tries to look contemporary by copying the “outer skin over body” front fender look that started with the C-Metisse and the GT by Citroën. The stainless steel pieces that fill the rear quarter window extensions of the rooflne seems odd. The front front end grill treatment harkens to what Audi and Mazda have been doing for a few years and the rear end trim that overrides the tail lights looks like a tack-on aftermarket item.

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