France’s postal service, La Poste, has just unveiled a new set of first class, 20-gram collectible stamps that celebrates the innovation of Citroën. These 10 stamps, which reflect the automaker’s history through a selection of some of its most memorable models, are presented together in a handsome French-language book, Citroën: Une marque, une histoire, that illustrates the role these vehicles played.

La Poste Citroen Stamps-700x776

They are also available as two separate sets of five stamps.

La Poste Citroen Stamps 2-700x2436 La Poste Citroen Stamps 1-700x2436

Oddly enough, models like the SM, GS, Ami and Hy Van were not included.  Arguably they should have offered 3 sets!

These stamps went on sale on October 25, and they represent a limited edition. There were 9,500 copies of the full book (costing €19.90, or $25.40, plus international shipping) created, and 4,500 each of the first and second five-stamp batches (costing €5.50, or $7 apiece, plus international shipping).  La Poste Citroen Stamps-700x436