Méhari Moderne – Citroën M Cactus Concept

Citroën has unveiled photos and more details about their new spin on the Méhari that is to be presented on September 15 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Developed around the C4 Cactus introduced just a year ago at the same show, the concept Cactus M is a slick transformation of the C4, morphing its design toward an all-purpose outdoor vehicle, much as was the original Méhari.   Body panels are made from plastic, and the doors and bumpers are coated in a TPU “second skin” similar to the material used in the stock C4 Cactus’ “Airbumps.”  Definite styling cues bring a Méhari fair; – ribbed plastic doors, a side step indent for rear seat passengers to “hop into” the back, and a 60 ° upright windshield.

Cactus M Concept 7  Cactus M Concept 6  Cactus M Concept 4

“Tall & Narrow” 19-inch wheels with “Grip Control” tires provide enhanced height while providing a comfortable ride in all conditions.

Citroën has carried forward interior Mehari traits; – door cavities for storage, a simple molded floor tub and a the glove compartment has a buckle down facia treatment, reminiscent to how the hood fastens on the original Méhari, while innovating with the use of colourful neoprene fabric material (like a wet-suit) as both dashboard and seat covering that can be cleaned with a water jet (the water draining through outlets in the floor, again like to original Méhari).

Cactus M Concept 8  Cactus M Concept 2  Cactus M Concept 3

It’s probably one of the only roof-less vehicles with provisions for mounting surfboards!

Cactus M Concept 5

A folding roof can be assembled with the help of human hands and a series of inflatable inner tubes.  And for those with a sense of camping adventure, the Cactus M can be transformed into a tent, and the rear seats lowered to create a sleeping area.

Cactus M Concept 9

Power comes from a 1.2-liter four-cylinder, 108 horsepower engine, mated to a transmission with multiple driving modes — including normal, all-terrain, snow, or sand.

Yes things like the folding windshield are gone, but with the M-Cactus Citroën has paid homage to the Méhari with a unique design somewhere between utility and leisure vehicle.  The question we are asking; – Will it make it into production?

Cactus M Concept 1


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