More Citroën Treasures in Tampa Bay, Florida Area

On September 22 a group of Citroën enthusiasts organized by Lionel Guilbert, Willem G. van de Wouw, and Michael Vest met for a very special gathering of French cars.  The location was the Mariposa Nursery in Bradenton, FL, where hosts, Francois and Rondell Brun-Wilbaux, showed an impressive French car collection housed in a custom built air- conditioned building on the premises.

Here is a link to a 3 minute video by Willem van de Wouw documenting his trip to and from the meeting, and showing some of the many French cars driven to the meeting, along with some of Francois’ fabulous collection:

This collection was a surpirse to us as we had written about another Citroën collection in the Tampa Bay area (the 12,000 sq.ft. Tampa Bay Automobile Museum).  Primarily french vintage cars and vehicles owned by Alain Cerf, the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum focuses on the special creativity and imagination in their history and engineering.  Vehicles include pioneering front wheel drive and rear engine cars from the 1920’s and 1930’s, and each one was chosen based on the engineering achievements that made it an important part of the evolution of the automobile.

Now we know of two fantastic Citroën collections in the area! 

More on the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum here in an article from

French Cars at Florida’s Tampa Bay Museum


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