Parts Industries, a long-time manufacturer of 2CV parts, and a source for many 2CV parts vendors, has began manufacturing new replacement doors for the 2CV.  While they were designing them they decided to make a number of improvements such as;

Zincor sheet-metal 150x200  Zincor sheet-metal for improved corrosion protection,

brace backdoor 150x200  brace backdoor supplied separately,

fulcrums front door 150x201  fulcrums front door as original,

hinge fitting back door 150x200 hinge fitting back door as original,
windows channels flattened 150x112  windows channels flattened and 4 assembly holes braces windows reinforced and centered,

holes for door panels 150x112  holes for door panels improved,

joints door rubbers improved 150x201  joints door rubbers improved,

doors tightly flattened 150x200  doors tightly flattened and welding points improved,

holes for locks improved 150x200  holes for locks improved,
boxes with extra packing protection 150x200  and they ship in boxes with extra packing protection.


If you need new 2CV doors, they should be readily available at your favourite 2CV vendor.
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