Citroënvie member Greg Long has written a novel.  It’s called “FOUND, The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were Discovered“.

Greg Long - FOUND book cover

It’s a ‘barn-find’ book with a twist:  It consists mostly of exciting discoveries of amazing vintage cars that he ‘made-up’; but he wanted it to be a ‘real novel’ versus a book of short stories so Greg created a relationship between a young car fanatic and an elderly car collector.  While it contains many cars from Ferraris, to Hemi Cuda’s (there’s something for every car buff) there’s also a heavy dose of Citroëns between its cover.  Yet, it’s also a book for ‘non-car people’ too!  Here’s the blurb on the back cover…

“Tanner has the habit of stopping at every dilapidated garage, warehouse, or barn he comes across: What could possibly be lurking inside?  A ‘66 Shelby, ‘32 Bugatti, or a clapped out ‘75 Mercury Bobcat?  An amazing friendship blossoms when a young car fanatic meets a seasoned collector after noticing his Riviera Blue BMW 2800 CS parked amongst a sea of Camry’s and Cavaliers at a local greasy-spoon.  Coffee turns into marathon conversations about amazing vintage cars, their colorful owners, and their own next chapters.”

Greg Long - FOUND back cover

And here’s the BEST part!  Buy the Kindle or Paper version and the proceeds go to a local homeless shelter Greg walks by to work each day called DESC.  So, if you know ANYONE that’s into vintage cars then this could be a perfect gift!

(And, BTW, you don’t need an actual KINDLE to download and read the digital version—just download the free KINDLE software to your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc and then download the book to it)

Should you like the book Greg would really appreciate a review on Amazon.  And please let your friends know about it too!  The clock is ticking, so get clicking!!