Here’s a link you will probably want to bookmark; – A source for 187 old car movies!   You can spend hours watching them.  Though mainly focusing on North American automobiles there are some notable ones for Citroen fans, such as:

  • A Tour Through the Ford Rouge Plant (1938)  –  30m 22s
  • Around The Corner – How Differential Steering Works (1937) –  9m 30s
  • The Dymaxion MK-II (1934) –  0m 54s
  • French Steam Runabout built 188 –  44m 42s
  • Hydraulics (1936) –  7m 21s
  • Changing Architecture of the Motor Car –  19m 15s
  • The 1936 Stout Scarab – Ahead Of Its Time! –  0m 53s
  • The Elegance of the Classic Era – 15 Exquisite Cars –  23m 46s
  • History of the BMW Company (Feature Length Movie) –  47m 10s
  • Where Have All The Tuckers Gone? (Feature Length Movie) –  43m 17s
  • Lane Motor Museum –  9m 1s
  • Tupelo Automobile Museum –  7m 4s
  • Beaulieu Motor Museum –  9m 20s
  • National Automobile Museum of Italy –  2m 54s
  • Louwman Automobile Museum –  11m 54s
  • Maybach-Fahrzeuge Car Museum –  1m 30s
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum Part – 13m 15s
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum Part – 28m 10s
  • BMW Museum –  3m 10s

Anyway, here’s the link.  Enjoy!

(Click on the video camera next to each item to view.)

Thanks to The Villages Region Antique Automobile Club of America for their effort in compiling this movie list.

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