Revamped DS5 to Debut at the Geneva Auto Show

Citroën will be introducing its upscale “DS” branded DS5 at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, March 5 – 15.  This slightly restyled version features some cosmetic changes including front a grille “vertical” marked the DS logo, new side air intakes and xenon and LED directional lights.  Of more significance, the flagship DS5 will say goodbye to the famous Citroën chevrons adorning the DS generation in an effort to position their DS brand as a premium high-end entity.

citroen-ds5-front  citroen-ds5-11495-4

Power from between 120 and 210 hp will come from 5 engine choices all boasting reduced CO2 emissions; The THP 165 petrol S will be mated with a six-speed automatic transmission to start, and three diesel BlueHDi blocks (120, 150 and 180) will be offered before the onset of the THP 210 petrol S at the end of 2015.


Biggest changes come to the interior, totally redesigned with the integration of a color touch screen for numerous control functions that has led to the elimination of a dozen buttons.  (Seems to be the trend in many cars these days but we have to wonder if physical buttons aren’t better than being distracted while driving trying to select items on a touch screen?)  The screen also serves as an infotainment system that includes a “New Mirror Screen” capability that duplicates what is on your smartphone.  (Why do we think that Citroën’s next big engineering focus will be equipping DS with totally automated accident avoidance systems?!)

citroen-ds5-side  citroen-ds5-rear

The new DS5 will be available in dealerships from June.  Airbag deployed versions should start appearing in french junkyards shortly thereafter.

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