A freshly restored Citroën SM managed to roll into the Doubs River at Avanne-Aveney in eastern France (just west of Besançon) on July 3. Its owner forgot to apply the handbrake and the car ended up in the canal below. When returning from a catering shop the owner was confronted with the unfortunate incident.

River traffic was stopped by the French inland waterways (VNF), to prevent any risk of an accident and an excavator was summoned to get the SM out of the water. A diver strapped the vehicle and after an hour or so, the SM reappeared on the surface thoroughly waterlogged and with front end damage.

The Doubs is a 453-kilometre long river in eastern France and western Switzerland, and is left tributary of the Saône. Its source is near Mouthe in the western Jura mountains, at an altitude of 946 metres. It is the tenth longest river in France.

After drying out the SM, we wonder; what will the restoration process be this time?

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