With spring in the air, and possibly some dirt on your car from winter storage, we’re pleased to refer you to this excellent guide with great tips on washing your car properly.

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While you’re there, you will see under “Car Stuff”, useful articles on drying, power washing, rustproofing and even making your own carwash soap.

This a sponsored site promoting products that are available on Amazon (what isn’t these days), and the author, Nigel William, has done extensive testing of the products.  We think you’ll find the info quite useful.

Even so, there are 3 things we suggest that Nigel add to the topics:

  1. The convenient way to get light dust off your car using “the original” California Duster.  Hey, if it’s good enough for RM Sotheby’s to dust down a Duesenberg at Pebble Beach, then it’s good enough for our Citroens!
  2. The use of a California Water Blade to get most of the water off your car when drying it (add to the the car drying page).
  3. The value of using Fluid Film, one of the best rust-proofing (more accurately, rust-preventing) products we have come across (add to the rust proofing page).

OK, now go get your Cit in spiffy shape!

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