As we celebrate 60 years of the DS it seems that a number of automotive journalists are discovering its virtues. The latest is the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil, who proclaims in his article for the publication on May 1, 2015 that: “The Citroën DS is technically unsurpassed, completely inimitable, has a great back story and is the most beautiful car of all time.”

Dan traveled recently to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville for his Citroën experience.   He was so impressed that he actually made this claim driving their 1959 ID 19 (formerly owned and restored by Denis Foley in West Virginia).  The ID has the hydropneumatic DS suspension but is a simplified from the DS’s Citromatic gearbox and power steering in that it has a manual 4 speed shifter, manual steering and regular brake pedal in place of the DS’s “bulb” on the floor.  The ID also has a more utilitarian interior.  Still, that didn’t stop Dan from expounding upon the model’s outstanding virtues and timeless design.

IMG_3107  IMG_3108

You can read his full article here:

Yet another article that adds credence to our claim for DS and the ID.  We have been saying for some time that these Citroëns, even the sedans, are beginning to be very sought after classic cars!