The Insanity of Restoring This SM

At first we thought this was a joke but no, apparently this 1973 Citroën SM really is for sale.  At the $8,950 US asking price this SM needs everything and that means spending at least four times what a SM in decent shape would fetch on the open market.  Anyone even thinking of purchasing this one needs their head examined.  

The Beverly Hills Car Club is notorious for selling classic vehicles that are basically wrecks.  How they can even offer it with a listing stating “Lots of potential. Excellent candidate for restoration.” is astonishing! 

SMs are increasing in value and becoming a desired classic but there’s a starting point that is realistic in restoring one and this is definitely not it.  Finding the replacement parts for the cooked components and missing pieces in this SM would cost a fortune.  Yes, the floors and underside, don’t appear to be too be rusty, but that’s a reason to pay more than $500 for this mess.  You are going to need at minimum another parts car just to get started on a restoration. 

They say it the SM comes in grey primer with a black interior.  Yea, right!  A sorrier SM you will not find, as the pictures below show:


Headlight valance just tossed in place. Hood bent in front and rear, probably from trying to pry it open. Windshield molding missing and a body that’s baked.


Rear wheel skirts missing, smashed rear bumper and tail lights from God knows where!  


And then there’s the interior…  Nothing that a little Leatherique wouldn’t fix.


Ah, the engine bay…  Just needs a distributor and a set of spark plug wires and you should be able to fire it right up.  (NOT!)  


Don’t you just love the crushed exhaust pipe by the left rear wheel.  Speaking of exhaust, the muffler is missing and in the tunnel before the cavity two thin tube mufflers fitted. Bet it was nice and toasty driving with those in there!                                 

Still crazy enough to want it?  Well, the ad says:  If you have any additional questions Please call 310-975-0272 or email with any questions! We also welcome all international buyers. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements.

(310) 975-0272
Good luck!  You’re definitely going to need it!

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