Here’s a website that two brothers, Will and Tom Bibb from the UK, have created to document their world travels in 2CV. So far they have posted about their adventures in Russia – a trip they departed for on August 9, 2017 traveling from London to Tokyo. Over the course of 2016/17 they are aiming to complete a three-legged circumnavigation of the globe.

Their experiences so far makes what seems an astonishingly long voyage for most of us here – driving a 2CV across the USA – seem like a trip to the corner store. Read about the roads that challenge even 2CV suspension, the driving conditions and the attitudes of the people they encounter, especially the officials at various border crossings.


Their writing is thoughtful, both humorous and detailed, giving you a sense that you are right along with them, there in the desert, the rest stops along the way and the culture of reach region they encounter.

It’s a blog that has you yearning for such an adventure on one hand, but realizing that unless you are under 25, you probably don’t have the stamina to undertake a trip anything like it. Mind you this a production of sorts. They did some degree of preparatory planning as they have been furnished with a support vehicle provided by Citroen and BP has issued them a sponsored credit card for gas purchases. It’s unclear whether Will and Tom are alone on the trip and each take turns driving the 2CV while the other drives the support vehicle, or whether there a is a person(s) tagging along to with them driving the support vehicle and taking pictures. From what we can tell by some of the videos posted, there may be just the two on them.

From Vladivostok their 2CV will be shipped south to Japan and stored while the boys fly home for a fall semester of school during which they will plan the second leg of their adventure that will carry them from Japan into Southeast Asia and down to Australia.

After Australia, they are not sure where they might go next; Africa or the Middle East, or South America.  They plan to cross North America which for them should be a piece of cake!

Read about their adventure here:


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