Traction Avant 15-6 Clutch Change Tips

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Richard Boudrias writes:

Claude Guillot and I recently changed the clutch and roller thrust bearing in my Traction Avant 15-6H for the conventional graphite type sold by Renel in France.  The casting quality required some machine shop milling…  Claude tells me that he has changed many roller thrust bearings because of poor quality rollers.  Check the origin and manufacturer and make sure they are good quality.  

Also you can observe in the photograph that a split has started in the water pump belt.  If you are changing the clutch now is the time to carefully inspect and change out both the water pump and generator belts.

At least with a 15-6 you don’t have to pull the gearbox to change the clutch as you do with a 4 cylinder Traction.


Richard mentions that the old clutch disk has only one mm of use so still very usable if anybody should need one…

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