Two 2CV Saharas on auction in Europe

The European online auction website Catawiki currently lists two 2CV Saharas for sale.  One of them, a 1961 model in exceptional condition, is expected to command a record price.  It is currently in the possession of a German collector who is its second owner.   694 Saharas produced between 1958 and 1971.   Only 27 are known to exist today.

2CV Sahara_1961_Catawiki_auction 1  2CV Sahara_1961_Catawiki_auction 3  2CV Sahara_1961_Catawiki_auction 2×4-az-44-1961

The Sahara is distinguished from a typical 2CV in that has two 425cc 12hp engines (one front and one rear) and two gearboxes configured to a single gearshift, clutch pedal and gas pedal, that be operated independently or in tandem, providing 4 wheel drive or the ability to drive the just the front or the rear wheels.  Also novel is that it has two gas tanks; – one under the driver’s seat and the other under the front passenger seat.   Holes are cut in each of the front doors to allow access to their filler necks.

Originally intended for use in the French colonies in Northern Africa for oil exploration, Saharas were adopted by the Spanish police and use for emergency services in the Alps.  Top speed was 65 km/h (40 mph) on one engine, but this increased to 105 km/h (65 mph) with both engines running.

Estimated to sell between 130,000 and € 170,000, this 2CV Sahara could set a new sales record, a distinction held since 2012 by one in the USA (the 688th) that was in need of restoration and sold for € 110,000.   (We wrote about that car here: )

Here is the link to the other 2CV Sahara, a 1963 model, on Catawiki:×4-az-44-1963

2CV Sahara_1961_Catawiki_auction 4

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