Variety of Ami Service Displayed in Holland

This photo taken at a gathering of the Ami Club in the Netherlands, shows a row of a Ami Service models, similar to the Ami Break (wagon) but with 2 doors (not 4) and with windowed or enclosed side panels.

The Ami Service was first offered as a variant of the Ami 6 and then of the Ami Super (powered by a 4-cylinder Citroën GS engine)

Noted Ami enthusiast in the Netherlands, Patrick van Griethuysen, has restored 4 of them in the photo; the dark red, the Fire-brigade red, a yellow Service, and another yellow Service that is Italian spec with the text of an Italian Citroën dealer on the panels.

According to Patrick, in the Ami Club in the Netherlands there are 15 Ami Services models with either windows or closed panels. The ones with the closed panels are the rarest.

As rare as the Ami Service is, 4 of them are still in daily use, including the dark red one on the left that is Patrick’s daily driver! The one next to it, the blue Ami 8 Super Service, was recently sold to an appreciative and lucky fellow in the UK.

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