Citroënvie member Bob Bramwell from Nova Scotia sends us this video showing an SM going to the crusher.  It’s a shame because even if it was in an extensive accident, the back bumper still looks salvageable.  Anyway, get ready to cringe or as Bob puts it; “This little video might amuse you, in a black-humorous sort of way.” 

Fortunately for Bob, he has a lovely silver SM (featured on the cover of our 2014 Citroënvie calendar) that looks and runs beautifully that will be featured in a local car show this weekend.



  1. Why , who took this video in the first place?
    Should gave saved the SM from the crusher, until all the bits removed.

    I remember sending a 1971/2 Ex Jackie Valee’s DS21 Safari BVH ,missing the turning headlights, but otherwise all there, rusted chassis, but it was moveable even without a flatbed!

    I had saved what I could off of it, but in reality it was deemed to have been an eyesore , especially when I had just moved into my new house, this was at the end of 1993/4 .
    The homes around had no fence

    It too had seen its fate through the Cooksville iron by weigh scale on Mavis RD/Creditview Rd, Mississauga , it had brought something like $800 in the hands of the persons who had freely helped my naive nature…

    Oh well, some loses happen

  2. I took the video myself: figuring this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience – hopefully! It may *look* like a rear bumper on the car, but it is not. I kept both pieces, upper and lower. The lower one has a nasty dent in one end, but I suppose it may be fixable. There was precious little left on that carcass!

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