12 Citroëns from the André Trigano Collection to be Auctioned on Sept. 13, 2020

André Trigano made is fortune in France creating a big business selling camping goods. Along the way he started to obsessively purchase classic automobiles. In 2016, he chose Artcurial to hold an exceptional sale of his Citroëns, which proved to be a resounding success. This year, he is once again placing his trust in the auction house to sell 170 cars from his collection this coming Sunday, September 13, in Gibel, a small village in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France.

This time, many of his cars. including the following 12 Citroëns, are either “barn finds” or “drivers”. The exceptions being restored examples of a 1952 Traction Avant 11B and a 1985 2CV6 Special. It will be interesting to see what all 12 vehicles fetch at auction during these Covid-19 times that are causing great hardship in France.


Description: This sympathetic 5 HP was modified to a panel coupé. Partially dismantled, it will need to be completely restored. Its mechanics, dismantled, is incomplete. The steering wheel is missing, but a second radiator comes with this car which deserves a restoration.

Chassis n° 65301

Est: 1.000 – 2.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 4,214 €


Description: Unregistered and presented as incomplete and will have to be restored unless it is purchased as a parts bin by an enthusiast of the brand.

Est: 500 – 1.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 1,084 €


Description: Unregistered. This sedan can be restored or used for parts, it is only partially complete but has its mechanicals.

Est: 200 – 500 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 1,084 €


Description: This unregistered 10 hp sedan is in original condition and needs to be restored. We noted that part of the upholstery and the front bumper are missing. Replaced during the same year by the Traction, it is the last generation of “boxy” Citroën which benefited from many evolutions that allow regular use.

Chassis n° 460204

Est: 500 – 800 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 1,445 €


Description: This Traction 11B has undergone an older restoration and would benefit from a continuation. Sold mostly complete, we noted that the manufacturer’s plate is a repro and that some elements including the water pump, air filter, and headlamp cover are missing.

Chassis n° 208831

Est: 1.500 – 2.500 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 7,224 €


Description: This example, built on January 21, 1952, features the flat trunk that lightens the design. The car joined the collection in 1980 having only had one previous owner from 1973. Its complete restoration by the museum team has just been completed and included: bodywork, upholstery, electrical and mechanical work.

Chassis n° 213519

Engine n° AZ04319

Est: 15.000 – 20.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 28,896 €

1966 2CV AZAM

Description: This 2CV is the AZAM version which was characterized by its more luxurious equipment: bonnet rod, chrome bumper buffers, Quillery 2-spoke steering wheel… Unregistered and parked outside for several years, this model remains interesting for spares and has the elements that make the specificity of the AZAM.

Est: 100 – 200 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 602 €

1968 ID 19

Description: Built on September 10, 1968 and repainted some years ago over a sound base, the ID 19 on offer is in a correct presentation in its original colour AC421CO. The interior is in orange fabric, typical of the era, and it appears to be particularly well preserved, with no major sign of wear. The odometer displays 63,280 km and the body seals will need replacing. It is still fitted with its original engine.

Chassis n° 3796718

Engine n° DV 0328021617

Est: 8.000 – 12.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 13,244 €

1974 2CV AZA2

Description: This Citroen 2CV is complete and has received a respray in orange finish. We have noticed some corrosion on the cabin floors. With 78,582km and well preserved, the vehicle is in need of a full refurbishment.

Chassis n° 9126460

Est: 2.000 – 3.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 6,672 €


Description: Unregistered and in original condition. The bodywork shows signs of perforating corrosion but the car is complete. Its engine is not seized, and it should be possible to restart it at little cost. Its odometer shows 96,783 km.

Chassis n° VF7AYCD0017CD8865

Est: 300 – 500 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 3,732 €


Description: The restoration of this example, with 19,161km on the clock, has just been completed by the museum team. It has benefitted from new paint, refurbished upholstery, and a mechanical overhaul. We take note of some minor corrosion on the front floor which should be adjusted.

Chassis n° 131295

Est: 8.000 – 12.000 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 19,264 €

1990 VISA

Description: Unregistered and incomplete and without its engine and gearbox, it could prove to be a useful donor for its body parts, running gears or various other accessories.

Est: 30 – 50 € — No reserve

Update – Sept 16, 2020 — Sold for 361€

A full list of the vehicles up for auction from the André Trigano Collection can be viewed here: https://www.artcurial.com/en/sale-4014-andre-trigano-collection

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