Citroënvie member Prakash Raja sent us this link to an article by Gary Axon published on the Goodwood Road & Racing website.  Their resident photographer Tom Shaxson came back from a photo shoot enthusing about an early 1980s mid-engine Renault 5 Turbo that he saw.

Keen to know more and because he knew Gary owned a Renault 5 Turbo, Tom asked him about the car and that prompted Gary to dig into his automotive literature and come up with this pretty cool list of exceptional (and unusual) steering wheels.  Can you guess what his #1 pick was?  The Citroën DS one spoke design of course!

  Late model DS interior.

He cites some other steering wheels with Citroën influence, like his #6 pick – the ItalDesign Maserati Boomerang that contained in the center pod the headlight switch and the turn signal/horn switch from the SM.

 ItalDesign Maserati Boomerang steering wheel with inset dashboard.

For the Bertone Lamborghini Athon (pick #11) not only is there a a Citroën-esque single spoke leather-clad steering wheel but the switch pod protruding from the dash to the left of the steering wheel contains a switch assortment that appears to be a subtle re-packaging of the two switch pods found in the Citroën CX.

Bertone Lamborghini Athon with single spoke steering wheel integrated into the dashboard + CX switches (left).

Read the full article here:–the-13-best-steering-wheels-ever/

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