Two Citroëns are listed as part of the “Salon Époqu’Auto – Automobiles de collection” Osenat auction to be held this Sunday Nov. 11. 

First up is this BX 4 TC “Series 200” originally registered on June 29, 1987 in Paris under the number 937 GJY 75. 


Its serial number is VF7XBXL0000XL0069 and it is in original condition.  The current owner took possession on November 23, 2000 with 45,000 kilometers showing on the odometer.  Since then an additional 5,000 kms have been added. 


Regularly maintained, the file on it shows all the invoices carried out since 2000.  The latest maintenance shows; a change of brakes, ball joint, electric pump, spheres.  The listing claims it is in good condition, starting quickly, and running well at all speeds with the hydraulic suspension working as it should.


This BX 4 TC presents very well, it is in its original condition.  The Meije white paint is in good condition and the interior is like new. 


Quite an historic car that marked the history of the competition department of Citroën, it is one of the most exclusive “200 Series”.  Also it is quite rare in comparison to other rally cars of that era such as the Peugeot 205 T16 , Lancia Delta S4, Renault 5 Maxi Turbo and other Audi S1. 

The sale estimate for the BX 4 TC is 40 000 – 60 000 €. 


If you choose not to bid on this one (or are an unsuccessful bidder) and wish to see a Citroën BX 4 TC in the USA, the Lane Motor Musem in Nashville, TN has one in their collection. 

The second Citroën up for auction is this 1930 C6 F, the first Citroën model offered a with 6 cylinder engine. 
Said to be in excellent condition, it sports a limousine body with rear foldable seats.  Delivered new in 1930, chassis number 58990 is finished in a two-tone lord blue paint colour separated by a gold accent line. The wheel arches are painted in black.  Its interior is in very good shape, covered with grey fabric. 
Its engine is said to run well.  The C6 is known for its reliability and confort and this one represents a perfect expression of a genuine President car of the French pre-war era. 
The sale estimate for the C6 F is 7 000 – 23 000 €.
Update – Nov. 13, 2018:
The BX 4 TC “Series 200” sold for 52 800 € and the 1930 C6 F sold for 21 600 €.
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