Time Travel for a 2CV Owner

Citroënvie member Mike Gillespie wrote us to mention that a couple of weeks back he came across a video of the TV show Motoring 2000 which included a short clip of him and his 2CV shot almost 20 years ago! 

Back in 1999 or 2000 Mike was driving down Pape Avenue in Toronto in his 2CV.  After crossing the Millwood Street bridge he noticed there was a Honda 2000 behind him.  I caught Mike’s attention because it had just been released and it was the first one he had seen.  At the next red light a guy got out of it and ran up to Mike to give him his card and asked if he wanted to be on his TV show with the Citroën.  It was Brad Diamond of Motoring TV and he was testing the Honda for the show.

Mike gave him a call and ended up doing a short segment for the show.  They filmed it in Rosedale just behind the Castle Frank subway station.  Mike was given a copy at the time but it was a poor quality VHS tape.  He had not seen it in while but came across a better quality version of the clip the other day on YouTube.  Mike notes that he seems to come off better in his 2 minutes of fame than he remembered.  Judge for yourself.  Here’s a link to it:  (Mike’s segment starts at 12:45 into the show).  

You can also find the video clip of Mike in our Members Archive Videos.  (Look for “Mike Gillespie 2CV Video – Motoring TV show”). 


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