1939 Citroën Traction Avant 11BL Perfo

This Citroën comes with a complete history binder that includes a letter from the first owner, all services and parts records + review recommendation letters. This car has an original 1939 ignition key and a list of all owners since it was purchased in Paris in June 1939. 

First owner of this car was a Parisian doctor by the name Louis Thomas. He purchased the car in June 1939. During the war the car was hidden away from occupation forces and right after the war his daughter Marthe Thomas shipped it to New York, NY. She kept it in Ft. Lee, New Jersey just across Manhattan.

In 1977 the car was purchased by a well-known Citroën enthusiast Michael Leibovici.

This also comes with an original review letter from Red Dillinger.

  • Exterior of the car has been repainted since the original.
  • Pilot wheels were restored in 2012
  • Interior: seats and side panels were re-upholstered in 2012.
  • Dashboard still has the original green paint with an original glove compartment sticker and a serial #A156352.
  • Ceiling head liner original.
  • Trunk lining is new.
  • New fuel level.
  • Wiring: front harness is still original but repaired and rear harness has been replaced with a new one.
  • Original fuel pump has been restored.
  • Ignition coil has been replaced with a reproduction.
  • Distributor: original, works well. Radiator: original, works well.
  • Starter: restored original.
  • Carburetor: Solex FATIP 35
  • Engine: restored original limited production and well-maintained Performance Engine called “Perfo”. They were introduced in spring of 1939. This particular engine Serial # DJ07390 was casted on June 15th 1939.
  • Original odometer reading is 54113 km.
  • Transmission: original restored.
  • Breaks: all new cylinders including master cylinder.
  • Tires: new Michelin tires on the car since 2017.
  • Alternator: I do have an original 6V alternator but it’s not functioning, and I had to replace it with a temporary modern-casing 6V alternator
  • I replaced original shock absorbers in 2012 with a new reproduction.
  • Ignition Key: original ignition key from 1939 with an original Nieman Auto Theft Lock .Key Serial # 779
  • German 1939 Anti-Theft Lock #14197
  • Fuel tank lock key: original 1939 key that will be included.

The car has just been registered for next year until September 2022 and has a Clean California title in hand.

Asking price — $28,000 US OBO.

Car is located in Santa Cruz, CA.


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