On October 26th in New York City, for reasons the owner, Chef Nacxi Gaxiola can’t even begin to understand, someone in his neighbourhood set fire to his company’s H Van delivery vehicle. Nacxi has subsequently learned that the person has a substance addiction and in recent weeks has become increasingly volatile and prone to violent outbursts.

The firefighters managed to put everything out quickly, but, as you can see, the interior was fairly damaged. Most of the front cabin is gone; the seats, electrics, windows, etc. The driver and passenger doors are still attached but very damaged, while the sliding door was pulled off while the fire was being put out (although Nacxi still has it).

All things considered, somehow, the shell is in decent shape, the tires seem to be intact and the engine seems to be salvageable, but it is going to take a lot of effort put back in operable condition and unfortunately the insurance he was carrying for the vehicle was fairly minimal since the truck was mostly parked and only driven short distances. He also lost a lot of inventory in the incident and is struggling to replace that, which would have been money that he could have invested into the truck.

To accomplish the truck’s repair and replenishment, Nacxi has created a crowdfunding campaign and hopes that support from his his business community and friends network will get the H Van back on the road.

Nacxi is truly sad about what has happened to the truck and while he has not received a lot of donations just yet, we’re hoping that the readers of Citroënvie, as aficionados for these vehicles, might prove to be a bit more empathetic, and will want to see this H Van get rebuilt.

You can show your support here: https://gofund.me/10af6683

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