1949 2CV Commands 75600 € at Osenat Fontainebleau Auction

It’s not too often that one comes across a pre-1950s first vintage 2CV let alone one that is for sale.  In 1949 only 876 units were produced and this one, chassis number 000458, that sold on January 20 at the Osenat Automobilia & Classic Cars auction in Fontainebleau, France for a record amount – 75600 €. 

    1949 2CV type A, chassis # 000458

A very rare car indeed and probably good reason that this type A 2CV, in very good original condition, commanded the highest price to date we have seen for a single engine model.  (The 2 engine Sahara models being the only other 2CVs that are selling for more). 

By comparison a 1951 2CV type A  (chassis number 19018), also in very good original condition and relatively rare in its own right, sold at the same auction for just 17400 €.  

    1951 2CV type A, chassis # 19018




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