Looking to enjoy a 2CV and do some boating this summer?

If so, surf on over to Leboncoin, France’s version of eBay and check this out at:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1370445971.htm?ca=12_s


The ad states that it is a rare unique model called Aquadeuche that has been partially restored.  Initially, it was the delight of a passionate nautical racing enthusiast in the 1980s.  It was purchased in 2014 after being in a static exhibit for a number of years and was restored to the point of waterproofing the shell and finishing it with matte black paint.


All the windows have been reinstalled and the bottom fiberglass sealed.

It is being sold with 2 engines, one with a propeller unit attached and the other engine, a spare, the requires reattaching it to the propeller using the provided aluminum plate.


You can see in one photo that the there is an external oil tank (with a 2CV filler neck) that needs to be attached to the engine.


To enter the cabin you roll up the back of the roof section that covers the trunk.  The seller claims you could use it as a tourist boat as there is a 2-seater bench at the back.  Though we wonder how easy entry would be for any occupant if they have to climb over the rear seat? 

Anyway, if water fun in an ugly duckling tickles your fancy, the ad says that it has been dry stored and is waiting for an enthusiast to sail it again, (after a bit more work of course).   Step right up! – Price is 6500 € and it’s located in Ville Clermont-Ferrand.

This Aquadeuche looks 90% complete and at least, one thing; – it doesn’t need is a clutch! 





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