23rd Friends of the 2CV World Meeting – Croatia

From July 29 to August 4, 2019, over 3858 cars from 40 countries around the world descended on Samobor in Croatia for what has become a semi-annual tradition of 2CV festivities, displays, parts purchases, car repairs, and re-acquaintances. 8,000 people arrived in their vehicles, and another 4,000 visitors came to participate during the 7-day event. The youngest participant was only 3 months old and the oldest was 86 years of age!

The 23rd world meeting, better known as Spaček on this occasion, was hosted by the Croatian 2CV Citroën Club and the Citroёn Club Slovenia, who worked tirelessly for 2 years stage the event.

A great gallery of 144 photos from Burton can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/burton2cvparts/photos/a.2432359876824308/2432360606824235/?type=3&theater

View a brief video of the meeting here: https://youtu.be/8Q5UUuvdVWU

The weather was warm and most days full of sunshine. The heat and sun fueled the crowd to focus on the evening entertainment programs with music from 6 rock’n’roll bands and 2 DJs performing. Local liveliness and folklore were exuded by the Samoborac singers of the Mladost Folklore Ensemble and the Ethno-Flute Association.

A special attraction this year was the”100 Year Citroën Museum” featuring original exhibitions from the Tomos factory in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) where a number of Citroëns including 2CVs, Dyanes, H Vans and GS/GSAs were built under licence throughout the ’60s, ’70s and’80s.  Also displayed were Cimos vehicles. Citroën designed and supplied specifications to Cimos, who would then manufacture components and assemble completed cars. In the 1972 Tomos, Iskra and Citroën formed a new company, Cimos (Citroen, Iskra, Tomos), for the manufacture and export of components for cars, car assemblies and sub-assemblies. Over 20 Tomos and Cimos models were exhibited chronologically. In addition, the powerful Citroёn scene that existed in the former state of Yugoslavia was presented through films, photographs, magazines and souvenirs.

Memories were refreshed (with some live participants) about the 1st Citroёn World Meeting held in Poreč, Croatia, in 1973, where 800 Citroёns from all around the world participated, and that meeting is considered the predecessor of today’s ICCCR.

A parade of 2CV vehicles was organized to travel to the center of Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of Croatia. There was also an organized Off-Road Raid in the vicinity of Samobor where 100 vehicles got to get down and dirty in summer heat.

There was an impressive agenda for the 7 day event :

Monday – July 29
10:00 – camp opens for preregistered guests
20:00 – 00:00 D.J.

Tuesday – July 30
07:00 – commercial and gastro part opening & camp opening for non-preregistered guests
10:30 – opening of the 2CV Museum
10:00 – 17:00 – games for children
11:00 – 19:00 – 2CV competitions and games
19:00 – 21:00 – concerts of local Folklore Societies
22:00 – 01:30 – D.J.

Wednesday – July 31
10:00 – country representatives meeting
10:00 – 17:00 games for children
17:00 h – official parade of 2CV vehicles through Samobor
20:00 h – Opening ceremony
21: 00 h – entertainment program
23: 00 h – 01:30 Concert

Thursday – August 1
10:00 – country representatives meeting
10:00 – 17:00 h – games for children
10:00 – 17:00 h – 2CV OFF ROAD ŽUMBERAK
11:00 – 19:00 h – 2CV competitions and games
19:00 – 21:00 h – concerts of local Folklore Societies
20:00 – 21:00 h – presentation of candidates to host the 25th 2CV World Meeting 2023
21:00 h – presentation of ICCCR – Poland 2020.
21:30 – presentation of 24th 2CV world meeting Switzerland 2021
22:30 – 01:30 – entertainment program & Rock’n’Roll concert

Friday – August 2
10:00 h – country representatives meeting
10:00 – 17:00 – games for children
11:00-15:00 h – presentation of the most interesting 2CV vehicles by categories:

  • the most original vehicle
  • the most beautiful vehicle
  • the best adaptation
  • the oldest vehicle

10:00 h – 15:00 – car parade to Zagreb, max 200 cars
17:00 – Dutch Day celebration
19:00 – 20:00 – concert
20:00 – 20:30 – announcement of competitions results and award ceremony
22:00 – 01:30 – entertainment program & Rock’n’Roll concert

Saturday – August 3
10:00 – 17:00 – games for children
10:00 h – 19:00 – official celebration of the first 100 years of Citroёn: 1919 – 2019

  • Exhibitions of cars, photos, movies and magazines
    11:00 h – country representatives meeting & voting for the host of 2023 2CV world meeting
    20:00 – Closing ceremony
  • lottery winner announcement
  • 25th world meeting host announcement
  • flag handover to 24th 2CV world meeting host
  • fireworks

22:30 – 01:30 – entertainment program & Rock’n’Roll concert

Sunday – August 4
10:30 h – start of 2CV Adriatic Raid
11:00 h – start of 2CV Continental Raid
21:00 – 0:00 h – entertainment program

On the closing day of the 23rd 2CV World Meeting, two 2CV Raids, an Adriatic Raid and a Continental Raid, were organized across Croatia for a period of 5 days in which all Citroёn vehicles produced from 1948 to 1990 were able to participate.

The completion of the 2CV Raids ended on August 9th by parking of all participants in the centre of Split, the second-largest city of Croatia on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

Gathering at the end of the 2CV Raids in Split.

The website for the 23rd 2CV World Meeting is: https://www.2cv.hr/en/

The 24th World Meeting of 2CV Friends will be from July 27 to August 1st, 2021 in the region of Delémont in Switzerland Here is their website: https://www.2cv2021.ch/event-e/?lang=en

The Swiss 2CV friends and are looking forward to welcoming you!

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