2CV Recognition At Gathering of the Classics

Citroënvie members Diana and James Willam drove their 1984 2CV from Brantford Ontario to Edenvale, near Staynor, on August 10, 2019, to participate in the Gathering of the Classics.

The ‘Gathering’ is a one-day fly-in and drive-in event celebrating vintage aircraft and cars, attracting 5,000 attendees, over 200 aircraft of all types and well over 300 classic cars.

This year’s highlight was the public debut of a replica of the CF-105 Canadian fighter jet — better known as the Avro Arrow. Although it doesn’t fly, other aircraft rides were offered and there was a huge car display area.

This is the only full-sized replica of the Avro Arrow in existence today. It was built by almost 700 volunteers, associated with the museum. It is 77.7 feet long, 21 feet high to the tip of the tail and has a wingspan measuring 50 feet.

The real AVRO Arrow was built in the late 1950s to target Soviet spy planes during the Cold War. The production of the CF-105 was cancelled by then Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in February 1958. Six were built and three were flown before all the planes were destroyed, literally overnight — a moment that became known as “Black Friday” in the Canadian aviation industry.

The show is a long haul for Diana and James (about 3 hours) but well worth it as not only is the event is a rare opportunity to get up close to aircraft and automobiles and talk to pilots/drivers/owners, but as you can see in the photo, they won the prize for best import!

Congratulations Diana and James!

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