By Erik De Widt….

The 28th annual 2CV Clubs De France meet was held at Plouay in the Brittany region of France on May 17–21. With a turnout of between 4,000 and 5,000 2CVs, serious measures were taken to accommodate the crowd. There was a lot of security, and it felt very very safe. People were very sociable, the weather was good, and the atmosphere was excellent.

Four gigantic camp areas with 2CV’s, tents, and a few H vans representing different regions in France.  There was also a very large and exceptionally clean area with brand new showers and bathrooms.

The local garage was turned into an emergency repair shop for 2CV’s that got in trouble on the way there.

They serviced a 2CV with a busted wheel bearing, a Truckette with a seized transmission, and a Lomax with a malfunctioning sensor for the ignition system. The Lomax has a visa engine with the original visa, electronic ignition and computer.  The amazing thing is that everybody is very cheerful about this.

The mechanics are very good, and I don’t think they charged people for the work they were doing.  It is all part of the organization. 

How many Citroën mechanics does it take to adjust the idle mixture on a Burton?

Burton brought a dynamo, with a tail pipe gas analyzer. They could test your engine and adjust timing, and change the carburetor jets on the spot for maximum performance.  That is Iwan Göbel from Burton in the video:

Burton Dyno video.

In the middle of all this, there was in large area with professional vendors and food vendors.  With many picnic tables and parasols.

And of course, some very unusual 2CV’s showed up.

On one hand, it was delightfully chaotic, on the other hand it was exceptionally well organized.

It made for a perfect 2CV Rendezvous for anyone with an interest in them. And they already announced the dates for and location for next year!

Brazey-en-Plaine is just southeast of Dijon.


  1. Greetings from Ireland. I am the proud owner of a 40 year old 2CV Charleston. My pride & Joy 🥹
    Would it be ok for my wife and myself to participate at the 2024 event wherever it will take place.
    Kindest regards Tadhg O Flynn

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