2CV – Pop-open Rear Door Windows

Add opening rear door windows to your 2CV! What you are looking at is a cool feature of the Citroen 3CV sold in South America. I was recently there and brought back a few of these that I removed from cars.

These ‘kits’ can be installed in the rear passenger doors of a 2CV to give better ventilation. Each kit consists of, glass, rubber gasket, hinges, opening handle, bolts and glass caps to fit in both rear doors. You just need to drill a 5 holes in the inside of each door for mounting.

Price $500 US + shipping. Located in Oshawa, ON Canada. Contact Hasan Amla. Email: hasanamla@hotmail.com or call: 905-244-7789.

See the video:


  1. Things to note here are that all rubber seals are new from manufacturer. opening hinges are refurbished to work properly. glass and rest of the mechanism are in good presentable shape for their age. feel free to contact me for other parts and cars that I can bring in as per your needs.

    905 244 7789

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