I’ve been searching through the garage where my father kept his Citroëns over the years, and found a variety of old parts, mostly used, only a few new.  Most are for “A” series vehicles. There is: a 2cv engine that had crankshaft trouble, and was replaced with a new one, a US-spec front end Méhari body panel (with some accident damage, three Mehari doors with decent canvas but poor plastic and no handles, a new 2cv front muffler, front shock kit with shocks, clutch cables, used Solex carburetor, 3 new muffler pipes, new lens units for a 1973 2CV (I believe), a new wheel bearing (in the square yellow box), 2 unopened ignition kits, 1 new motor mount, 1 used hubcap, 1 used front headlamp lens in good condition, a new front shock kit and two used shocks, two new clutch cables, and 3 draw-fulls of small items, some new some used, along with some books, parts manuals. Also some DS items: a large brand new steel hydraulic line in original Citroën packaging, a rubber line also in original package, and some jacking parts.  Will sell all as a bundle for $300 US, or first-pickers can buy items individually.  Located in Northeast PA, 15 minutes off Route 81 Wilkes-Barre exit (309 North).

Contact Stephen Casterlin at: hermitbk@myfairpoint.net or call 207-726-8202.          09/19      PA

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